Unique ceremonies for humans who dare to be different in Lancashire and beyond. This is where love lives, come on in....

Looking for the perfect celebration of

That represents

Living a life

You're in the right place!

Just by visiting my page, you are already thinking OUTSIDE THE BOX.

Are you planning YOUR ceremony and want to make it personal and BESPOKE?

Maybe you've attended an AWESOME celebrant led ceremony that blew you socks off and left you thinking 'I want some of that!'

I've lived a pretty EXCITING. life and met people all sorts of people along the way, from royalty to ravers, festival goddesses to rock chicks and everyone in between and can confirm that no two people are the same.

Without meeting you (yet) I know that YOUR story is as unique. You are not the same as anyone else so lets work together to create a ceremony that tells it YOUR way and leaves YOUR guests thinking 'I WANT SOME OF THAT!'


Pleased to meet you, how do you do and all that jazz. I'm Gill.

I'm a fully qualified nuerodiverse celebrant and I absolutely love working with amazing humans to create extra special unique ceremonies.

I live in the gorgeous market town of Chorley in Lancashire (near Manchester in case you're wondering!) but am able to conduct wedding, naming and every other flavour of ceremony across the UK and abroad.

People who meet me describe me as a quirky 'pocket rocket' whose energy and enthusiasm is infectious. I'm oozing with authentic northern charm and always lots of fun. Sounds like the perfect recipe for an insanely good celebrant to me!

It has also been said that I have eclectic taste. I just think that I like what I like, which is most things.

So if you are planning a vibrant, retro inspired ceremony featuring disco balls and roller skates, I'll be there to match your vibe (although I can't promise that I will be able to skate!).

If your style is more elegant and sophisticated, I'm here for it all - count me in!

Ever heard the saying 'your vibe

Well my tribe are all FABULOUS so I'll fit in well on YOUR fabulous day!

It's also a super DIVERSE tribe so you can be assured that I am all about INCLUSION and celebrating difference. I'm here for you not your label.

And if you need reassurance that your ceremony will be in the safest pair of hands, I am trained to the highest level in celebrancy here in the UK and I also have a military background so I'm an expert at planning for every eventuality.

Expecting someone to turn up at your ceremony, say a few words and go home? Not on my watch! As a celebrant I'll be much more involved every step of the way, and might even be more excited than you when that special day arrives!

Wedding Celebration Ceremonies

Want to say 'I do' but feeling uninspired by the same old ceremonies on offer?
Feeling restricted by location, timings or ceremony content?
Then let's work together to create a ceremony that has everything you want, and maybe even more.
I totally accept that weddings aren't for everyone which is why I also offer Civil Partnership Celebration Ceremonies as well as Commitment Ceremonies. You've got to do what's right for you!

2024 prices from £695

Naming Ceremonies

Looking for a way to formally welcome a new member of your family? Maybe you've had a new baby, finalised an adoption, or even made the decision to change your own name and identity and you want to formally mark the occasion with your family and friends.
Whatever the reason, we can work together to create a unique ceremony that suits your needs and goes down in your family history as a 'day to remember.'

2024 prices from £350

Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

Want to re create that 'old school' love vibe from back in the day?
Renewal of vows ceremonies are a gorgeous way to celebrate your love story.
Whatever your reason for deciding to add this chapter to that story, together we can create a meaningful ceremony as good as the first time around, or maybe even better.

2024 prices from £695

Celebration of Life Ceremonies

Looking for a way to say goodbye to your loved one with a bespoke and personalised ceremony?
With compassion and empathy I can work with you to create a ceremony that really captures their essence and celebrates their life.

2024 prices from £250